Featured Farm: Anthomania

Flowers for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Some say mealtime is more elegant with flowers on the table, and the folks at local flower farm Anthomania would likely agree. Growing over 300 different kinds of flowers ranging from snapdragons to anemones to flowering herbs like basil and pineapple sage, Anthomania is central Virginia’s floral hotspot - a flower authority if ever there were one.




With a name that means “crazy about flowers,” it’s no surprise that beautiful, local, organically-grown flowers are the name of the game at Anthomania. Located in Louisa County, this month’s featured farm is situated just south of Lake Anna on a 150-year old farm that still inspires farm owners and workers today.


With a goal of selling only fresh, beautiful flowers that have been grown in a way that protects and improves the environment, the folks at Anthomania prioritize natural and sustainable farming methods. By using a system of permanent raised beds and strategic compost augmentation, they are able to grow healthy plants while also encouraging helpful earthworms. Their blooms provide bees and other pollinators a chemical-free flower selection, and customers appreciate their commitment to natural growing methods as well. Their organic approach eliminates worry over herbicides, fungicides, and potent chemical preservatives sprayed on almost all imported flowers.




With strategically-timed plantings throughout spring, summer, and fall, Anthomania offers an abundance of blooms for wholesale purposes, special events, and individual enjoyment. Whether supplying florists with beautiful blooms at welcoming prices, creating custom arrangements for weddings and events, or assembling monthly orders for members who belong to their unique flower subscription program, there’s no doubt every order they fill spreads fragrant beauty.


No matter who will ultimately enjoy them, Anthomania’s customers are guaranteed floral freshness: All their flowers are hand-selected and cut just one day prior to delivery. Each bloom is first harvested from the farm early in the morning; next, it is stripped of excess foliage and then uniquely treated to support the flower’s longevity. Some stems require plant food while others need to be heat treated to sustain delicate blooms in the vase, but the special care devoted to each bloom ensures every display lasts as long as possible.




Why restrict yourself with a vase when you can eat your flowers, too? Not only are the flowers at Anthomania beautiful, many are edible as well. For countless centuries, chefs have been incorporating the delicate beauty and deliciousness of flowers into cocktails, salads, cakes, and more; with local, organic, edible flowers available in RVA’s backyard, you can do the same. Thanks to Anthomania, filling both vase and plate has never been easier.


Not sure which flowers to pair with your next meal? If you’re new to edible flowers, simply start by exploring your options. You may already have a few recipes on hand you’ve been thinking of trying that call for floral ingredients, or you might hop online to see what others have tried. Lists like this one from Southern Living provide a concrete starting point; a broader list like this one is perfect if you’ve got flowers on hand already and aren’t sure how to use them.


If you do decide to explore edible flowers, remember that not every flower is safe to eat, and for some plants, only certain portions of the flower are edible. Do your research first, and never consume blooms that have been treated with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or other sprays. With the right knowledge and a willingness to try new things, adding flowers to the menu can be beautiful, rewarding, and delicious!


Want to learn more about Anthomania, their services, and their flowers? You can! Find their booth at your local farmer’s market, follow them on Facebook, or check out their website for more details.

The Anthomania farm at the beginning of planting!

The Anthomania farm at the beginning of planting!